Brazen Head

Drink Specials

$4.00 Shots Daily
Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Crown Royal Apple El Jimador Tequila Reposado

$6.00 Beer Sundays
Bud Light and Budweiser Pint

$11.00 Beer Sundays
Bud Light and Budweiser Stein

$5.00 Caesars / Bloody Mary Sun / Sat
Build your own Caesar

$29.00 Wine Sun / Sat
One bottle of bubbly + orange juice

$11.00 Beer Mondays
Muskoka Stein

$6.00 Beer Mondays
Muskoka Pint

$11.00 Beer Tuesdays
Barking Squirrel Stein

$6.00 Beer Tuesdays
Barking Squirrel Pint

HP Wine Wednesdays
Bottles of wine

$6.00 Beer Wednesdays
Henderson's Pint

$11.00 Beer Wednesdays
Henderson's Stein

$6.00 Beer Thursdays
Steam Whistle Pint

$11.00 Beer Thursdays
Steam Whistle Stein

$11.00 Beer Thursdays
Thorogood - One Bourbon (1oz.), One Tully (1oz.), One Beer (14oz.)

$11.00 Beer Fridays
Irish Pours Steins

$6.00 Beer Fridays
Irish Pours Pint

$11.00 Beer Saturdays
Mill Street Stein

$6.00 Beer Saturdays
Mill Street Pint
165 E Liberty St, Toronto, ON M6K 3K4, Toronto, ON
(416) 535-8787